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So many of us are moving through the world feeling overstressed and under-nourished, operating from a place of un-ease, feeling like we know we need to do something different in order to be well... but just can’t find the room for it in our packed schedules. Does that sound familiar to you? I have been there many times myself. I believe herbalism can be the bridge to start making small gentle changes that will lead us to increased wellness.


Throughout your consultation, we’ll focus on one goal or area of your life at a time, starting with whatever you feel would have the greatest positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Perhaps that’s improving the quality of your sleep, reducing stress or anxiety, or improving digestion. Or maybe you’re looking to build a nourishing relationship with the plants to feel more energized or have more focus. Whatever your goals, we’ll work towards them – together – you, me, and the herbs. We will end each consultation with a short, manageable plan for you to implement consisting of small lifestyle changes. You’ll also incorporate an herbal remedy into your daily routine to support those changes. Once you feel we’ve positively addressed your first goal or concern, we will build off of that success and keep the momentum rolling through other areas of your life. Our end aim is for you to be thriving and on your way to becoming your most vibrant self.

Each consultation is approximately an hour in length and is conducted by video conferencing using Zoom, which works on your computer or your phone. When you book your appointment, the confirmation email will include the link for our online meeting. You will also receive a reminder email 72 hours before our scheduled meeting time.


Consultations are offered on a sliding scale from $45-$65. I ask that you pay at the rate that feels most right to you, and I trust you to make a choice that is fair for both of us. I will never ask for proof of income. My goal is to bring plant medicine into as many people’s lives as I can, and I strive to keep my prices as low as possible while still meeting my own needs.


The price of the consultation includes one herbal product (a tea or tincture, for instance) related to the goals and protocol that we discuss during our conversation. Shipping cost is included as well.

Making plant medicine as accessible as possible is hugely important to me. If the sliding scale prices are still outside of your means, please contact me so that we can work to find a solution. I offer a set number of free consultations per month for those who truly need them.

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