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UPDATE: Hello! We are currently moving our farm to a new piece of land in colorado. check back soon for our new line of herbs and herbal products from our farmstead!

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We are a no-till medicinal herb farm growing herbs for our community utilizing biodynamic, regenerative, and beyond-organic principles and practices on thirteen acres of land just outside of Nashville, TN. We offer bulk herbs as well as numerous herbal products, handcrafted for your needs and wellness goals.

If you are an herbalist, herb shop, or herbal product maker and are interested in having our farm grow specific herbs for you, get in touch! We would love to work with you.

We are proud to offer a monthly fresh herb CSA. Each month, members will receive bundles of three to five different herbs, as well as information about the properties of each plant, suggested uses, and recipes. By the end of the season, you will have a well-stocked herbal medicine cabinet for your home and the know-how to go along with each item that you created.

Sign-ups for the 2023 growing season will open in February. To be the first to know and get your spot, make sure to join our mailing list:

Thanks for signing up!


Some of the herbs we grow and tend:

Angelica ~ Anise hyssop ~ Arnica Ashwagandha ~  Basil ~ Bee balm

Bitter melon ~ Black cohosh ~ Blue cohosh ~ Blue vervain ~ Boneset Burdock ~ Calendula ~ California poppy Catnip ~ Chamomile ~ Chickweed 

Chocolate mint ~ Cilantro ~ Cleavers Comfrey ~ Dandelion ~ Dill ~ Echinacea Elderberries ~ Elderflower ~ Elecampane Fennel ~ Feverfew ~ Garlic ~ Ginger Goldenrod ~ Goldenseal ~ Gotu kola Horehound ~ Horsetail ~ Hibiscus Hyssop ~ Japanese Knotweed

Lavender ~ Lemon balm ~ Lemon verbena ~ Lemongrass ~ Lobelia Marjoram ~ Marshmallow ~ Milk Thistle Motherwort ~ Mugwort ~ Mullein

Nettle leaf ~ Oats ~ Oregano ~ Parsley Peppermint ~ Plantain ~ Red Clover Rosemary ~ Rue ~ Savory ~ Shiso Skullcap ~ Spearmint ~ Spilanthes ~ St Johns Wort ~ Sweet Annie ~ Tansy 

Tarragon ~ Thyme ~ Tulsi ~ Turmeric Valerian root ~ Violet ~ Vitex berry

Wormwood ~ Yarrow ~ Yellow dock

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