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The Tending Seeds podcast covers a variety of homesteading and herbalism topics, as well as documenting our process of turning our land into a functional homestead and medicinal herb farm. We share the ups and downs, as well as plenty of mishaps for you to chuckle at along the way, so that hopefully we can save you some time on your own journey. We also bring on incredible guests to share their knowledge about all things gardening, farming, herbalism, and homesteading.

You can listen to the podcast on all major platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc) or directly through the website.

We also have a community on Patreon that is a companion to the podcast. We post bonus content related to the episodes as well as herbal information and resources. There is a monthly community chat where you can connect with others and ask Sara any questions you have.

Part of the Patreon is the monthly creation of the Full Moon Fill Up - a 20 page zine delivered to you via snail mail before each full moon. It's loaded with farm news, tarot spreads, herbal profiles, journal prompts, recipes, and more.

Your support of the podcast helps us keep creating more episodes! You can join starting at $4 per month. All Patrons receive 10% off in our online farm store each month that they are a member.

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