Each of these teas has been carefully crafted with herbs and flavors to embody the energy of a particular tarot card from the major arcana.


Select the tarot card of your choice from the dropdown menu! If you don't see your card listed, that means it hasn't been dreamt up and created yet - send me a message and we can brainstorm it together!


Each bag of tea contains approximately 2.5 cups of herbs, enough for 30-35 cups of tea.


THE HIGH PRIESTESS // nettles, red clover, mugwort, holy basil, cinnamon, rose hips, lavender, and lemon peel.


THE EMPRESS // calendula, hawthorn leaf and flower, hibiscus, yarrow, dehydrated peaches, rose petals, damiana, motherwort, and lavender buds.


THE EMPEROR // pine, orange peel, oat straw, nettles, burdock root, horsetail, ginger, rosemary, cardamom.


STRENGTH // holy basil, nettles, oat straw, dandelion leaf, elderflowers, rose hips, schisandra berry, and horsetail.


JUSTICE // linden, hawthorn berries, nettles, dehydrated apple, lemon balm, elderflower, elderberry, and dandelion root.


THE HANGED MAN // calendula, oat straw, chamomile, plantain, passionflower, and hibiscus.


DEATH // linden, red raspberry leaf, hawthorn berries, elderberry, rose hips, lavender, rosemary, and rose petals.


TEMPERANCE // holy basil, oat straw, ashwaganda, dried pears, burdock root, ginger, nettles, and cinnamon.


THE TOWER // calendula, holy basil, nettles, cinnamon, hawthorn berries, hibiscus, and yarrow.


THE STAR // nettles, holy basil, schisandra berry, damiana, star anise, lavender, rose hips, and rose petals.

Tarot Teas

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